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bangbangitsyou's Journal

Ryan/Calleigh = Love
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A journal for fans of the Ryan Wolfe/Calleigh Duquesne ship on CSI: Miami.

Fic, graphics (LJ sets, userinfo bars, icons), fanart and the like are welcome, as are discussions on both the characters and the pairing. A few simple rules, though:

[x] No flaming & no trolling.
[x] If you aren't a fan of the ship, please don't join.
[x] It okay if you like the characters with other characters as well, so long as anything you post here is primarily Ryan/Calleigh related.
[x] Place all fic behind an LJ-cut with just your header in general view.
[x] Use no more than three icons in a preview.
[x] Spoilers are for anything that's about an episode that hasn't aired, and must be put under a cut. A week after an episode has aired you can talk about the episode without using lj-cuts for spoilers.
[x] Have fun!

If you run a CSI-verse related community and you would like to affiliate, comment at the affiliates post.

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